TRU Story

Recognition is changing the world. The benefits are significant with TRU Recognition .

Empowering Real-Time Insights

The TRU Platform optimises and analyses data specific to real-time needs. It’s the only platform able to leverage and scale existing infrastructure into something far more powerful and accurate.

Privacy and ethics considerations have always been at our core. We prioritise responsible recognition, which strengthens every aspect of the value we deliver to our clients and their customers. Our unwavering commitment to ethical and reliable practices ensures that our platform aligns with the highest standards of integrity.

Our Team

Our Executive and Customer teams are deeply passionate about solving our customers' most complex business challenges with vision-based technology, enabling them to unlock their business growth potential, creating new customer experiences, and achieving greater operational efficiencies.

Ilario Faenza

Executive Chairman

Max Bolkovsky

Executive Director & Chief Revenue Officer

Alex Knight

Chief Financial Officer

Kent Ramchand

Chief Technology Officer

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