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TRU for Smart Cities

Improving the infrastructure and analytics of all cities from around the world.

The TRU Recognition Platform can provide significant business value to smart cities by improving safety, enhancing security, and optimising operations.

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Recognition for Smart Cities

Enhanced Security Business Value
Enhanced Insights
Enhanced Safety

Adding value to your sector

The following examples demonstrate how the TRU Recognition Platform can be used to generate business value in smart cities.



The TRU Recognition Platform can be used to detect potential safety hazards in smart cities. By using computer vision technology, cameras can identify objects or people that may pose a threat to safety, such as potential slip and fall hazards, or accidents involving vehicles or equipment. This can alert emergency services to take corrective action and prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to property.



The TRU Recognition Platform can be used to enhance security in smart cities by monitoring for unauthorised access, suspicious behaviour, and potential threats. By using computer vision technology, cameras can detect unusual behaviour, such as criminal activity or potential security breaches. This can alert security personnel to investigate and prevent security breaches, theft, and other crimes.

Traffic management

Traffic management

The TRU Recognition Platform can be used to optimise traffic flow in smart cities, reducing congestion and improving efficiency. By using computer vision technology, cameras can monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, identifying areas where congestion is likely to occur. This can enable staff to take corrective action, such as rerouting or redirecting traffic, reducing the risk of accidents, and improving the overall flow of traffic.

Other benefits include:

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Choose TRU Recognition for your AI capabilities

The TRU Recognition Platform is right at home in Smart City environments thanks to the large number of high business value outcomes which can be achieved. This includes the improvement of safety, enhancing security, optimising operations, and reducing costs associated with accidents, theft, and delays.

By leveraging the power of Recognition Technologies/Vision AI, smart cities can become more competitive, sustainable, and liveable, improving the quality of life for citizens, and helping to generating long-term economic growth.

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