Responsible Technology Statement

TRU Recognition - Responsible Technology Statement

Dr. Chelle Adamson, 22/03/2023

Privacy and Ethics is at the heart of everything we do. By implementing truly responsible, ethical data management and governance with secure frameworks and practices we exceed the standard regulatory requirements. Privacy, ethics and security are fundamental to functional and effective AI, which is why we build these features directly into our TRU Recognition Platform.

Taking the lead in next generation practice and regulatory safeguards

We go beyond current regulatory requirements to create reliable, robust methodologies and practices, creating high-trust and compliant technology.

We develop and incorporate global best practice methodologies and practices into our technology and actively scan the evolving global regulatory landscape to future proof the TRU Recognition Platform so you can be confident in leveraging our technology for years to come.To create and implement safer AI practices, our Head of Privacy & Ethics contributes to reform consultation requests from Federal agencies such as the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and the Human Rights Commission. We actively engage a network of leaders globally including the National AI Centre, the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Women in AI.

Privacy by Design

Built-in safeguards, with multi-level anonymisation ensures powerful and compliant privacy solutions.

All TRU Recognition Platform functions are safeguarded with compliance to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and the majority of GDPR requirements. TRU Recognition does not use or store personally identifiable information (PII)within datasets except to comply with legal requirements. Our privacy policy describes how we collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of data in detail.

TRU Recognition’s anonymisation design principle enables clients to balance data insights with compliance and governance requirements. The TRU Recognition Platform provides four levels of personally identifiable information (PII) redaction – face blurring, body blurring, ghosting (body segmentation and redaction), and avatar creation in a virtual digital twin. Each form of anonymisation is customisable.


We identify and mitigate ethical risks, directing technology development in a thoroughly ethical manner.

TRU Recognition is dedicated to creating ethical real-world solutions that deliver value from data. The world-leading ethical AI organisation Gradient Institute is partnering with us to provide best-practice AI model validation. Criteria, such as accuracy, how the technology functions in specific contexts, customisation, configuration and bias evaluation are some of the foci of our validation.

TRU Recognition has a mature process and framework for systematically identifying and mitigating ethical risks associated with operationalising AI-driven analytics for specific use cases. Our Digital Ethics Framework is an evolution of the framework created by global experts Frank Buytendijk, Svetlana Sicular and Jitendra Subramanyam. It goes beyond the question of what is within legal boundaries to understand the elements of moral and conscious decision-making when deploying our technology. Our principles guide the deliberation process to monitor for unintended consequences, allowing us to actively direct technology development in an ethical manner.

Our technology partners across our supply chain are assessed from a privacy and ethics perspective in relation to local regulatory requirements before integration onto the Platform.We can also assist clients in understanding the privacy and ethical considerations that may be relevant to the use of specific applications on our platform.


Strict security frameworks and independent auditing lay the foundation for active, constant security monitoring and management.

TRU Recognition drives internal security by utilising the Essential 8 security model.

Independent auditors - CyberGX have assessed TRU Recognition using inherent and residual risk threat analysis to provide a comprehensive assessment of security, privacy, and business continuity risks. TRU Recognition achieved a 99% CyberGX score and is now close to achieving ISO:IEC 27001 information security management certification and ISO:IES 9001 quality management system certification.

Integrated Checkmarx and Tenable IO security frameworks are used to certify our codebase as secure, train developers, and quickly and accurately identify, investigate, and prioritise vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in our IT environment. All our products also undergo vigorous penetration testing to ensure that our platform is security assessed against the latest vulnerabilities.

Our platform has been tested against multiple AI risk assessment frameworks, from the Government and Enterprise sectors - paving the way to channel partnerships that will accelerate uptake of our services.

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